Our Professional Rock Climbing Program

Our Professional Rock Climbing Trips

Explore the best cracks, crags and faces on rock climbing trips with the Outdoor Adventure Club.

Our rock climbing program consists of two paths: Guided climbing trips and technical/safety courses. Our outdoor rock climbing days will help you become a better climber, while our technical classes will help you become a safer climber. All our trips are full days, typically from 8-4. When other guide services are packing up, we’re setting up more climbs for you! You’ll get a full day of instruction from an experienced, well-trained and supportive climbing guide. We provide all the climbing gear you’ll need, including shoes, harness, helmet, belay device. In addition to the trips and classes listed here, we are always happy to put together a custom rock climbing trip for you. 

Why climb with the Outdoor Adventure Club?

We are professional guides. We’ve been teaching the Bay Area to climb since 1996. You are spending the day with a guide trained by the American Mountain Guides Association and certified as a Wilderness First Responder. Our focus is not only on taking you out and letting you climb, but setting up the safest climbing situations, and teaching you in a very patient, supportive and friendly manner. Besides safety, OAC guides are knowledgeable of the climbing scene, and eager to help you develop your climbing skills. Also unlike other outfitters who offer shorter climbing days with much less time on the rope, we keep going! When you climb with us, you’ll get a full day of climbing in. We’ve seen some discount climbing companies packing up at 1:00, while we’re moving to our second location for the day. And we don’t just send you up the rope, we teach you to climb because we love climbing! Did we also mention a smaller guide to climber ratio for more personalized instruction.

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