OAC Half Dome Trip Cancellation Policy

The OAC Half Dome Trip Cancellation Policy (Note the policy is different from other trips with the OAC.):

Standard Members and Non-members: If you cancel or for any reason (including being sick, having to work, change of mind, transportation problems, etc.) within 14 days or are a no-show, no refund is given. Outside of 14 days you will receive a refund, less a $25 cancellation fee. Trip fees are not transferable to other OAC outings.

Ultimate Members: As an Ultimate Member you’ve effectively prepaid for a year’s worth of adventures. You still need to be respectful of other other people’s desire to join our trips, so we ask you to only register for trips you’re committed to attending, Outside of 14 days, there is no cancellation fee. Within 14 days, there is a cancellation fee, equal to 50% of the trip fee.

Standard Members and Non-members: You are welcome to give your spot on an OAC trip to another person if you can not make the trip.

If there is a waiting list for a trip, we will try to replace your spot with someone on the waiting list. If we replace your spot from the waiting list, a $25 cancellation fee will be deducted from your refund.

Note to all: If you arrive late and miss the start of the trip, you will be considered a no show and will not receive a refund. Allow adequate travel time to get to the meeting point.
When does the cancellation policy become effective? Or, “I just signed up yesterday and found out now I have to work, can I cancel without penalty?”

Once we send your confirmation for your trip, you are confirmed and the cancellation policy is in effect. Often we book and make reservations on your behalf with subcontractors as soon as we’ve received your confirmation. Thus, once you have said, “Sign Me up”, we will get you signed up and the cancellation policy is in full force.

When you sign up for an event, you should think of your reservation as buying a ticket for that event. You are welcome to give the ticket to someone else, you can opt to not use the ticket, but you can’t use yesterday’s ticket for tomorrow’s game.

If the Outdoor Adventure Club cancels a trip for any reason, then your payment can be applied to another trip or a full refund is issued.

Note that this special cancellation policies applies to Half Dome trips. Do note the cancellation policy during your trip registration process.