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Get Your Climb On!

GYCO Meetup Rock Climbing Training Courses with the Outdoor Adventure Club

Make every weekend count on the rock!

Rock Climbing GearThe Outdoor Adventure Club is excited to partner up with our friends from the Get Your Climb On Meetup group to provide technical climbing courses at a significant discount. As a Bay Area based guide service we want to see the local climbing community climbing safely and efficiently. We'll add more classes as interest from the group warrants.


We offer five courses:


Climber's Gear and Anchor Class: The objective of the Gear & Anchor Class is to prepare you to set up your own climbing anchors when you go climbing with your friends. In this all day, hands-on class you'll learn/review knots, learn to place gear, identify safe anchors and learn how to bring it all together to build top rope anchors in just about any situation. Climbers of all experience levels will benefit from this class.

Dates: July 20, 2014 at Cragmont

Cost: $79/pp


Climber's Learn to Lead Class: The Learn to Lead Class gets you ready to climb on the "sharp end" of the rope. Class size is small to allow for great personal attention and feedback from our professional guides. It's a full day of learning the concepts and applying them while climbing. You will learn the techniques and concepts important to transition from top roping to leading. You'll learn about gear placement, finding clipping stances, when, why, and how to add runners to your gear, avoiding clipping mistakes, minimizing rope drag, protecting your second, as well as some finer points of lead belaying. Partipation in a previous Gear and Anchor class is recommended but not required.


Once you have these skills, we recommend taking our "Learning to Trust Your Trad Gear" class. It's a great way to gain the confidence needed to stand above your gear placements.

Dates: October 26, 2014 at Castle Rock

Cost: $149/pp


Trust your Trad Gear Class (learn to lead part 2):

We're excited to offer this class. If you know not to Z-clip, or back clip, but you aren't sure about your gear placements, this class is for you! Too many people learn to lead trad by climbing easy climbs with little risk of falling. You never know if your gear was good or not. This class will have you putting your weight on every piece of gear you place. If it fails....you fall. (You'll be on a top rope, though)

This class requires a small group, with a maximum class size of 4. This insures you'll get more climbing time in, and personal attention. The small group size makes this class more expensive, but you'll appreciate it the next time you're 10 feet above a #7 Stopper!

Dates: July 26, 2014 at Castle Rock State Park

Cost: $119/pp


Climber's Multipitch Techniques Class: Spending a day in our multipitch class can save hours of climbing time, and the frustration of tangled ropes and cluttered belays when you are hundreds of feet off the ground. Learn to do it correctly and efficiently the first time! Gear and Anchor class is a prerequisite as the class starts with setting up an anchor. 

Dates: June 14, 2014 at Castle Rock State Park

Cost: $99/pp


Climber's Self-Rescue Class, one day: The Self-Rescue Class should be taken by anyone who climbs outdoors, regardless of climbing skill. This class prepares you to deal with common situations found in outdoor climbing, like what to do if your partner falls or is injured. This is a one day "condensed" version of our full 2 day self rescue class. You'll learn to tie off a belay, escape the belay, how to rappel with an injured climber, how to set up 2:1, 3:1 and 6:1 haul systems, and how to build load transfer systems based on the Munter Mule knot. Gear and Anchor class is a prerequisite.

Dates: October 12, 2014 at Cragmont

Cost: $125/pp



Sign up for a course here and take your climbing to the next level:


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Questions? Give us a call at 415-377-1195, or send us an email at info@OutdoorAdventureClub.com.



Why climb with the Outdoor Adventure Club?

The Outdoor Adventure Club is the Bay Area's most experienced climbing school and guide service. Since 1996, we've safely taught thousands of people to rock climb, ice climb and become mountaineers. All of our climbing trips and classes are led by professional guides who have been trained by the American Mountain Guides Association and certified as Wilderness First Responders. Of course, our guides are also avid climbers themselves!


The Outdoor Adventure Club also offers guided rock climbing trips, hiking, backpacking, kayaking, flying trapeze, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, backountry skiing/boarding, surfing, mountaineering and international adventure travel trips. Go to our full Adventure Calendar!




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