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Waterfall Hike on the Cataract Trail, Marin
April 10

Hike the lush Cataract and High Marsh Trails in the Mount Tam watershed. This little known loop is one of our favorite hikes. Some say it is equivalent to a rain forest hike you would find in Hawaii. Itís very secluded, follows a peaceful lake, continues past a long series of cascading waterfalls (guests on our last trip declared it was the best hike they've ever been on!), creeks to cross, open fields and natural tunnels created by tree canopies. Then, a high ridge trail gives you incredible views of Bolinas, Fairfax and surrounding areas.

This is a 8.5-mile, intermediate hike which includes two 750 foot climbs in a 1 mile distance (one at the beginning of the hike, and one near the end). There are plenty of steps along the way, too, giving you a stairmaster workout like no other (because of the incredible scenery along the way). This can be heart thumping for some, but the presence of the cascading waterfalls that accompany you during your climb makes it worthwhile. We'll take view and water breaks so you don't have to worry if you think you are going too slow.

The hike includes a tasty lunch (not just store bought sandwiches... some folks say they come on our hikes just for the food!), guide support and great company! Meet at 9:30 am and finish around 3:30.


  • Great lunch on the trail
  • Guide support (it is very easy to become lost on this trail)
  • Great people to hike with!

    OAC Member: $26
    Non-member: $39

    Sounds fun- Sign me up!!